Motivation quote? Nah, Ain’t nobody got time for that, we get things done…


Content strategy
Social Media Campaigns & Trainings
Strategic consultation
User Experience (UX)


Web Development
Content Management Systems
Mobile Application Development
Chrome Apps & Extensions
Game Development


Graphics Design
Corporate identity
Video & Photography

A group of youngsters in the heart of Prishtina - Kosovo, working as an outsource team for different US and EU based companies. We love kick-starting products and companies as well as maintaining and polishing existing ones, by crafting each pixel with high level of creativity and offer solution to many complex problems.

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NAME: Fitim Krasniqi

CLASS: Creative Director

WORD: I'm Fitim Krasniqi of House Creotive, Lord of the snowboards, writer of the HTML and the CSS, Constructor of the Layouts, Player of the Games.


Great visionary and creative guy who is always up to date with latest trends. He has experience in developing website and web-application including CMS website and isomorphic apps. Specialized in pixel-perfect and animations who can spend hours adjusting things to be perfect down to the very pixels that define them. He likes to combine programming skills with graphic and interaction design and he is very interested in game development processes.

NAME: Flamur Krasniqi

CLASS: Art Director

WORD: Racing is just like Designing, you always want to be Ahead of the Curve


A bright, talented, ambitions and self-motivated graphic and web designer who create brands, websites and interfaces that break the barriers of time and burn into the memories of individuals. He has an extreme passion to work with everything that is visual, from photography to digital art and to many other field but most of his work is focused on identity& branding, print media and web design.

NAME: Argjend Haxhiu

CLASS: Product Director

WORD: NO EGO, NO EMO, Choose glide over Limbo


A highly motivated individual with a passion for the world of IT especially for programming and internet marketing. An exceptional grasp of Java programming language and responsible for product management and business strategy overall. A Google fan, who enjoys developing Android mobile apps and extension for Google Chrome. Experienced in the field of SEO and Online advertisement. Possesses acute attention to details controlling specific processes to ensure they are high quality, delivered to schedule and on budget.

NAME: Kushtrim Krasniqi

CLASS: QA and SysAdmin

WORD: May The Code Be With You


An ambitious problem solver with a passion for technology, cyber security and AI concepts. He has proven himself also in quality assurance with experience of implementing, monitoring and improving quality systems. Proficient with the latest technology trends, tools and platforms. Experienced also in Linux and Server Side Maintanance.